We are a licensed, bonded and insured private investigation firm in Michigan that offers professional investigative services to law firms, individuals, insurance companies, and businesses. Led by retired Flint Police Lieutenant Jason Cate with over 27 years of law enforcement experience, we offer a wide area of services. We have real experience in working complex cases in Homicide, Robbery, Stolen Cars, Fraud, Missing Persons, Criminal Sexual Conduct, Crash Investigations, and more. We now offer EDR downloads for most vehicles.

Some of Jason’s experience:


Working Homicide cases from the moment of call-out, to the scene, to testifying in court as the OIC

Auto Theft

Working stolen car cases, ring operations, looking for swapped vins, forged titles, stolen parts, etc.

Crash Investigations

Working crash investigations with over 11 years assigned to Traffic Unit, and reconstruction certified, and court recognized expert

EDR Downloads

Downloading and explaining EDR data from the ACM of a vehicle. We can download most vehicles!

Interview & Interrogation

Interviewed suspects and witnesses for Homicide, Robbery, CSC, Fraud, Crash Investigations, and more


Working with victims of domestic and street related assaults, from minor to fatal

Property Crimes

Investigating numerous B & E’s, MDOP’s, and other theft related crimes over the years

Reviewing Cases

Reviewing police reports for errors, thoroughness, and when assisting detectives

What we can offer help with:

Background Checks  –  FOIA Requests  –  Missing Persons  –  Surveillance  –  EDR Downloads & Interpretation  –  Case Reviews  –  Corporate Investigations

These are just some of the services we can offer, please contact us for your specific needs.

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